Admission /Enrollment Requirements


Applicants must meet the following admission criteria:


1. Hold a high school diploma or a GED certificate or pass an entrance examination and receive a satisfactory score on the pre-entrance examination (Workkerys)


2. A valid state issue Identification or equivalent


3. Provide evidence of good health as indicated by a physical examination if applicable.


4. Have an interview with a member of our faculty.


5. Criminal history record check (Local and National)


6. Sign an enrollment contract with the Academy.


Credit for Previous Work Experience.


The Committee may take into consideration any/all of the following in evaluating individuals who are requesting credit for previous experience:


1. The results of any required written tests or examinations.


2. The results of any supervisory evaluations during a try-out or pre- apprenticeship period required by the department or agency.


3. The thorough review of any records of work experience, i.e., letters from former employers/individuals or organizations, on the firm’s letterhead, stating the dates of employment and the nature of the work performed.


4. The results of a formal interview conducted solely to determine knowledge/experience in the trade/craft/occupation in question. This can normally be accomplished by comparing school records or transcripts to your program’s related training course outline.


The department or agency and the Academy should consider each request for credit individually, and evaluate any submitted documentation on a case-by-case basis, closely monitoring future training results of those given credit, to substantiate the Committee’s position or findings. By so doing, the Program Sponsor/Committee may make adjustments based upon these findings as necessary. The maximum allowable credit limitation is 50% of the full term of the occupation in which credit is being granted.



Clinical/Externship Requirements


1. Tuberculosis screening-PPD and/ or chest X-ray


2. Rubella immunity and/or MMR immunization


3. Hepatitis B immunization or signed waiver/declination


4. Varicella immunization, CPR/AED, First Aide certification


5. Criminal history record check (Local and National)


6. Wear Scrubs with white shoes.


7. Applicants are considered in the order in which they complete their paper work.






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