SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY: We strive to improve the lives of Refugees, Dislocated Workers & Unemployed Persons, Victims of Domestic Violence and the Destitute via education, Training and Employment Services.


ADVOCATES FOR THE DESTITUTE: We stand, speak, and write in favor of fellow Refugees, Dislocated Workers & Unemployed Persons, Victims of Domestic Violence and the Destitute in support and defense of their set career goals.


LOVE: We love, care and have compassion for Refugees, Dislocated Workers & Unemployed Persons, Victims of Domestic Violence and the Destitute unconditionally.


VICTORY: We celebrate the success of Refugees, Dislocated Workers & Unemployed Persons, Victims of Domestic Violence and the Destitute without regards to Race, Gender, Religion, and Nationality


ATTITUDE: Our manners, disposition, feeling and position regarding community development with regards to the people we serve especially Refugees, are always enthusiastic and positive. No room for negative attitude.


TRAINING: We provide high quality education, instruction, and discipline for the destitute in Health Care and Nursing Education, Information Technology and Private Security Programs.


INNOVATION: We introduce our graduates and job applicants to positive new ideologies, encouraging them to take direct steps to create a culture of collaboration in the work environment.


OBSERVATION:  We pay close attention to facts or occurrence of our innovative ideologies to enhance proper evaluations of the success stories and services to the people we serve.


NOT-FOR-PROFIT: A 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization for charitable and educational activities for Refugees, Dislocated Workers & Unemployed Persons, Victims of Domestic Violence and the Destitute


ACADEMY:  We are a training institution established to offer special instruction, training, advancement and employment services in Health Care, Nursing Education, Information Technology and Private Security services.


COOPERATION: We collectively build professional relationships, associations, and businesses, by eliminating strangers in our operations. – One people and one Community.


ASSOCIATIONS:  We form friendship; companionship and Net Work with Strangers.


DEMAND RESPECT: We esteem a sense of worthiness and excellence for all persons, regardless of Race, Gender, Religion and Nationality. The ability to manifest who we are as a person and a community is at the TOP of our agenda.


EMPLOYMENT: We prepare our clients to obtain occupation by which they earn a living and support their families.


MONEY: Your financial support will increase our scholarships for our students to cover all costs associated with their attendance including but not limited to, tuition, fees, room and board, transportation, and books.


YOUR MORAL AND KIND SUPPORT: If you cannot give money, we appreciate your moral and or kind support like practical lesson, volunteer your time, share your experience and or expertise. Nothing is too small. THANK YOU


Our Focus

Education and Employment Services


Education and Employment Services has fundamental values for every person on the planet, it depict the most essential assessment for people to learn, work, and animate meaningful lives.


Focus on Health Education and Advance Information technology


Uneducated persons simply becomes destitute, can’t work; they become overwhelmed and eventually become destitute/poor, and when people are very poor, they are at higher risk of committing crimes, or becoming sick.


To combat this global problems requires changes in the area of education and employment services. Access to good education, training and employment services is now in high demand. To accomplish such target, we need all hands on deck. Thank you for your support.


Life Skills – Employment Preparation Techniques


Salvation Academy’s education and employment programs prepare community members to engage in working and establishing small businesses to meet the challenges of combating poverty and putting people to work without regard to Race, religion, gender, politics, or the ability to pay for training and employment services.


A working community is the backbone of a stable economy, happy families and strong communities. It is true that women, youth, and children are unduly affected by poverty in our communities. For this reason, Salvation Academy training and employment services pay close attention to women and youth for secondary and vocational education


To learn more about our training programs, please click here for program details.


The Salvation Academy has established a home Health Agency, partnered with the Northern Virginia Work Force, (The Skills Source Group) area hospitals, and Nursing Homes, also partnered with corporate supporters and other health care providers to provide training and employment services for our clients. To learn more about our partnerships. Click Here


Preparing for the work force.


The Academy is constantly preparing candidates to enter the work force, we work with the most susceptible communities to poverty. Salvation Academy responds effectively, and efficiently when these vulnerable people walk into our offices. We restore their hope and dreams in few weeks to few months.  Listen to some of our success stories.


Strengthening Vocational Education System in our communities.


Salvation Academy’s approach to supporting local communities is an essential part of our programs.  Our training programs last from 2 weeks to six months. That is how quick we can send people into the work environment.


Donate now to Salvation Academy.


There are many ways to financially support the academy. Notice: 0% your donation is spent on fundraising, every dollar we receive goes directly to providing education, training and employment to our students and keeping our programs running. Please select a donation option that works best for you. If you have a friend send them the link and encourage them to donate as well.

Become an Advocate for our students


Be part of our on-line giving communities, stand and defend student following, liking, retweeting and sharing our content on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Slideshare. Your voice grows Salvation Academy’s  ability to bring the most essential services the people we serve.


Become an Individual or Corporate Sponsor


Individual and Corporate sponsorship create, life-changing education and employment solutions to people in need across the spectrum. These partnerships allow us to continue providing services to underserved communities, and individuals and corporations are able to realize their humanitarian missions.


Become a Fund Raiser on behalf of Salvation Academy


Involve your family, your community, your co-workers, team mates in an event to fundraise on behalf of Salvation Academy. Individuals, organizations as well as Corporations can make a huge difference in our operations. If you have friends, please encourage them to support us by donating online. Encourage them to select a student to support, we can link them with the student and give them a progress report about the student they are sponsoring.  They can even participate in an even as well, or host a one day donation drive in support of Salvation Academy’s life changing missions. .


Become a Volunteer


Volunteer, Receive a Flash Light Pen with an IPAD touch and become a light to someone stock in a dark situation.  We rely on volunteers to fulfill our mission, especially in the teaching field, our official volunteer groups are always available to speak with you and your friends.  They generate awareness of our work and fundraising programs in support of our programs through a variety of events, outreach and educational efforts.

All Volunteers will receive a special pen with a flash light and an IPAD touch as a reminder that they showed a light to someone stocked in the dark, with no hope of getting out of the dark situation. Be a light to someon, click to receive one flash light pen with an IPAD touch. THANK YOU.


Select a Way to Get Involved and Participate

  • Volunteer
  • Join Our Team
  • Join a Fundraising Events or Create One.
  • Share Our Mission and Vision
  • Become a Sponsor or Supporter
  • Pledge or make Donation


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