General Description of Equipment and Facilities


Salvation Academy has approximately 3200 square feet, 60% of the space is devoted to actual classroom space. Formal instruction is provided in a modern, comfortable classroom setting designed especially for Nursing, Allied Health and Information Technology education. The laboratory portion of our classes takes place in classrooms that are similar to a working environment, complete with hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, Servers, Computer Work Stations, Routers, Switches, Autoclave, and other equipment utilized in a Healthcare, Nursing and Information Technology Facilities. Students learn everything from bed making to taking Vital signs, drawing blood, Giving injection, Medication Administration and Pharmacy Laws, Server Configurations. Computer Repairs etc. All of the skills that are needed in all of our programs are practiced before the student is permitted to care for patients, or visit a client in their homes or offices, and pharmaceutical industries.


Campus Security Information


In compliance with Section 201 Public Law 101-542, as amended by Public Law 102-26, Salvation Academy provides the following:


1. Crime Awareness & Campus Security information for students, faculty, visitors and staff, concerning potential crime on campus.


2.  The school has occupied the current building for the past three years, and we have not witnessed any crime.


3. Salvation Academy owns a Private Security Company, authorized by the Department of criminal justice Services (DCJS). During school hours, we have uniformed and un-uniformed security officers on campus at all times.


However, we encourage all those concern to be vigilant. If you see anything unusual, please say something or alert the security officers on campus, by calling 571-217-8394


Non-Emergency Services


1.  Report non-violent crimes such as theft to the Admissions office


2. Report non-injury vehicle accidents to the local police by calling 911 or the school hot line: 1-866-261-1014.


3. Report minor disturbances such as loud noise/music to an instructor


4. Assistance with unlocking doors, jump-starting a car or obtaining a nighttime police escort, please call 911. or AAA on 800-222-4357


5. Inquire about parking issues, lost and found items, and general district police information; please call the Local Fairfax County police on non-emergency number 703-961-2131


Providing education and employment opportunities is central to a thriving, stable economy, which is why Salvation Academy focuses on increasing access to job training and employment opportunities for those we serve in our communities.






Salvation Academy Alexandria Branch

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   Tel: (1)-866-261-1014