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Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Licensed Practical Nurse SAMA101-110

Program Overview For Practical Nursing

Practical Nursing (PN) Program provides hands-on experience and the required knowledge to take the PN National Council Licensure Exam(NCLEX) and also prepares students for a rewarding career. The program requires the students to complete 1,428 clock hours of classroom lecture and practical training. Students receive a Practical Nurse Diploma upon successful completion.  

Course Description:
1.    Pharmacology          
2.   Diet and Nutrition
3.   Introduction to Sociology    
4.   Introduction to Nursing      
5.   Fundamentals of Nursing    
6.   Psychiatric Nursing 1
7.   Psychiatric Nursing 2 Clinical
8.   Maternity Nursing 1
9.   Maternity Nursing 2 Clinical
10.  Pediatric Nursing 1
11.  Pediatric Nursing 2 Clinical
12.  Medical Surgical Nursing 1
13.  Medical Surgical Nursing 2 Clinical
14.  Medical Surgical Nursing 3 Clinical
15.  Geriatric Nursing 1
16.  Geriatric Nursing 2 Clinical

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